Nowadays, because of large volume of work, and a lot of mental disturbance, people like to relax and clear their mind at the end of a hard day, by sitting in a café and drinking a cup of hot coffee, spending time and talking to their friends, or just sitting in a place and enjoy the silence. One of the good features of going to a coffee shop is that you can meet a lot of people, spend time with your friends, or just read a book.

Until now, the space of coffee shops and restaurants has been made smarter by paying only a high fee to buy digital boards or tablets for each table. Due to the high cost, limited space design and lack of facilities, we are looking for a way for the customers to use his/her phone and without the need to install any software, see the coffee shop menu, prices and descriptions in full, then, be able to register his/her order, pay for his/her order online and have fun until the order is ready.

سفارش آنلاین

The purpose of the online menu is to make the space of coffee shops and restaurants completely smart. Customers often get tired of waiting in the cafes due to the ordering queue and the crowded coffee shops, and this causes them annoyance and waste of time.

This idea has a solution to this problem, so that they can easily place an order while sitting at their table, write down the desired details of their order, and have a drink after they are ready.

The idea of the online menu site works in this way: users enter the site by scanning the barcode in the cafe menu via mobile phone, selecting their desired order, and if needed, they can apply the details they like, such as sugar level, coffee type, coffee roast, syrup and etc. 

منوی آنلاین

Finally, by entering the poll section, selecting the opinion option, they can give rate or offer their opinions. Such as how the employees behave, the preparation time, the quality of the order, and at the end, write any criticism they have to help the coffee shop making progress in the future.

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