Have you ever wondered how you would feel while eating in complete darkness, where no glimmer of light could reach you?

If you enter this restaurant and after breaking at least one glass you can find your table, you are in luck; That's when the secondary meaning of the phrase "suffering a little can sometimes lead you in the right direction" comes to mind!

In this restaurant you do not know where you are sitting and who is in front of you. Especially if you are alone, you are shown in front of someone else, whom you do not see any image of. Everything on the desks is black, and all objects that can produce light (such as watches and cell phones) have already been taken from you.

the startup idea of Launching an Organic Restaurant

جعبه انرژی: کم همیشه کافیهحتما این به این مطلب هم سربزنید: جعبه انرژی: کم همیشه کافیه
ظرف چاشت های بچگی یادتان هست؟ مخزن های انرژی و انگیزه برای کلاس های طولانی مدرسه. آدم بزرگ ها کم کم خودشان را فراموش میکنند اما راستش را بخواهید اوضاع زیاد تغییر نکرده است؛ هنوز هم بسیاری از ما ساعاتی طولانی در دانشگاه یا سرکار سپری میکنیم و به این مخازن انرژی نیاز داریم.

One of the waiters calls me and waits for you to decide what food you want. The food served in this restaurant is simple food that is not much trouble to eat. They usually do not have extra bone or fat. Watery foods such as soup are also not served at all. There are also arrangements for the drink to prevent it from spilling on the floor and your clothes as much as possible.

Reservation Software and Display of Restaurant Tables

Eating this food in this restaurant is easy only for those who are blind themselves. Just imagine that in such a situation you want to find your food on a plate with a fork. Pouring water into a glass also has its place. However, such an experience is so interesting and valuable that it attracts a lot of people every night.

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