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Psychologists say that trying to suppress disturbing thoughts causes those thoughts to dominate and last longer in the human mind. The brain is usually reluctant to forget things, so the more it tries to forget something, the more it becomes involved in thinking about it.

Everyone is faced with an onslaught of annoying thoughts sometimes, but what makes it difficult to control the mind is anxiety, because anxiety causes other unpleasant reactions. The anxious person's attempt to distract the mind causes the thoughts to return to his/her mind with more intensity. Anxiety also helps to produce other annoying thoughts. So the best way is primarily to control anxiety.


Dr. Daniel Wegner, an American psychologist, has conducted extensive research on disturbing thoughts and concluded that avoiding disturbing thoughts contributes to its persistence in the mind. In other words, the more effort is made to forget or suppress unpleasant thoughts, the more those thoughts circulate in the mind.

All people with anxiety disorder have to deal with their disturbing thoughts in some way. Aggressive and uninvited thoughts are frightening thoughts that may happen to oneself or to those who are important to one. These thoughts seem to come from out of people's control, and their content is seemingly strange and threatening. The content of your thoughts is irrelevant and you have to take a contradictory approach for dealing with them. If you try to forget your thoughts in any way possible and try to getting them out of your mind or change your behavior to stay away from those threats, they will only become stronger.



Things you should not do:

Get involved in these thoughts in any way.

Try to get these thoughts out of your mind.

Try to look for the meaning of these thoughts.

Convince yourself that you will never do those things.

Change your behavior so that those thoughts become unlikely to occur again.

annoying thoughts

Things to do:

Recognize your level of anxiety and watch it go up and down.

Try to keep those thoughts in your mind without hiding them, they will go out of your mind on their own time.

Focus on controlling your anxiety at that moment. 

Also deep breathing can help.

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