Today, the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of business systems are growing, and these vulnerabilities are also growing; so at any given time, someone might hack into your network and organization.

Your enemies can easily find the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of any product or operating system using search engines. To gain access to your network, they can access websites or join security and hacking newsgroups on the Internet that provide complete information about your network.


For example, if confidential information about customers or finances gets into the hands of a competitor, it may lead to financial losses to the business or even bankruptcy of the company. The protection of confidential information is a business requirement and, in many cases, a moral and legal obligation.


If you have a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, information technology engineering or a master's degree in computer science and information technology, you can use this idea and enter this field.


Because information technology has spread to almost all organizations, information security is very important for them. An information security specialist, can work in most organizations. As an information security expert, you can work in large public and private organizations or banks and protect their server information.


The income of an information security specialist depends on his/her level of expertise. Due to the specialization of the work of a security expert, the more specialized a person is, the more confidence the employer will have in entrusting the work to him/her.

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