The production of natural essential oils is a good investment opportunity. Our country has rich reserves of medicinal plants that can be a reliable source of income for the people. After producing this product, the effective and economical way to use and earn money from it, is to use them as aromatic and medicinal plants, food, health and cosmetics, and at the same time eliminates the need for people to consume similar and harmful chemicals.

Essential oils are volatile oily compounds derived from various parts of aromatic plants such as leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots.

Essential oils are plant-based and contain heavy, volatile and fatty chemical compounds. In fact, the presence of a pleasant smell of these plants or their taste is due to the presence of these essential oils. The place of formation and replacement of volatile oils in plants depends on different families, for example, in dark plants, mint, essential oils are found in the secretory fibers of plants, in umbels in oil tubes, and in rosemary in petals. 

Herbal Essential Oils

Plant essential oils have many uses in today's world. These essential oils are used as natural preservatives, flavorings and fragrances in the food industry, aromatics in the cosmetics industry and as a precursor required by many chemical industries such as insecticides, while they are also used in the preparation of various medicines.

Essential oil extraction methods vary according to the type of plant, the type of essential oil and the desired quality. To extract the essential oil, methods such as steam distillation, chemical solvents, cold press, water vapor pressure, carbon dioxide, and boiling water are being used.

Technically, boiling and vacuum water method is suitable for extracting essential oils from many medicinal plants, because the quality of the essential oil obtained with this method is desirable, and also due to greater safety, it is recommended for home businesses.

Production of Herbal Essential Oils

Depending on the type of activity, an essential oil extraction unit should have at least some parts such as raw material storage, dryer, essential oil extraction machine and post-essential oil extraction equipment.

The production of essential oils, whether chemical or natural, is always a profitable idea of investing money. If the cost of the product can be reduced using new technologies, it is a creation of real value. If you can also use conversion plans, you have started a sustainable and lifelong business.

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